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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Wikipedia defines Search Engine Optimization as "the process of we are seo services company india, seo company delhi, affordable seo services company improving the volume and quality of traffic to a web site from search engines via "natural" search results". Now doesn't that sound complicated? Indeed it does at least for me; since I am technically not that sound. However, Dns Digital info services P.LTD Technologies, a SEO Services Company of India tries to explain this by saying that when a user tries to 'Google' you, the site and the site's individual pages are made visible to both search engines and search engine users. Wikipedia further clarifies it by saying 'the earlier a site appears in the search results list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine'. Therefore Search Engine Optimization; SEO services company of India clarifies is the process of optimizing one's website to increase the traffic.

But how does one do this? The SEO Company Delhi suggests that instead of creating a affordable website and then optimizing; it is better to create a Search Engine Friendly website keeping the following things in mind:

  • One should always remember the intended target audience and all efforts should be geared towards them.
  • It is important to have appropriate keywords for the Search Engine Spiders to detect your site. They should not be put into the website to mislead the users which could lead to potential loss of traffic. This practice; known as 'keyboard stuffing'; should be firmly avoided.
  • One should consider that anybody visiting the website is doing so because of its CONTENT. If content is not relevant then there is a potential loss of users. Therefore following things should be kept in mind:
  • Make pages primarily for users, not for search engines. Avoid "cloaking"; implying deceiving users by presenting different content to search engines than to the users.
  • The homepage should have all pertinent information.
  • The Search Engine Spiders are textually based. Heavy graphics with longer loading time should be avoided. In addition to the picture there should be keyword rich content. One should also use the 'ALT Image' attribute which is the alternative tag for the non visual browsers ie text to be used when the image is not visible.
  • The text surrounding the link is also very important. Therefore if the anchor text 'Photosynthesis' talks about photo sensitivity then we would know that the validity of the link is at stake. Quoting a well known source, SEO Services Company of India says; 'Content is a perfect indicator of link quality. It puts less emphasis on footer links, which are likely to be bought or swapped, we are seo services company india, seo company delhi, affordable seo services companybut values editorial links from content much more'.
  • SEO Company Delhi further reiterates that the text on webpage should be readable; with legible fonts and colors. o Black Hat SEO techniques; also known as spamdexing; should be avoided; as they attempt to redirect the search results to target pages using principles that are considered unethical by the SEO Services companies, They use techniques that get a web site to the top of search results regardless of whether it's the best or most relevant web site for that particular search. Often Black Hat techniques lead to sites being blocked or banned by search engines.
  • It is very important to use Title Tags and index the content of the title tag; you might be missing the boat as far as rankings are concerned if this is not done.
  • Navigation in the website should be clean and without any broken links. Search Engine Spiders search websites for indexable content by travelling your links; if site links are broken then search engine spiders cannot navigate through the site.

SEO company of delhi lists various factors that would impact the ranking of a web page. I am listing a few of those underneath:

  • External Linking: If a particular page is linked to a spam or bad page, it would be considered a part of similar surroundings & would get kicked off.
  • Internal linking is equally important. If a certain page is cited from many other pages it is considered as important. Therefore the website should be built with a logical link structure in which each page is reachable from at least one static text link.
  • Age of the page is also important in context of the content. If the content is news based, then the fresher the better. Otherwise the relevancy of the page is considered by the relevancy of the content. For example if we are dealing with statement of facts as in 'Why are leaves green?' and its scientific explanation then we cannot expect to update the pages on a regular basis, because the facts would remain the same.

There are various myths that are linked with SEO. Affordable SEO services company of India, which is one of the finest in its fields, is out to debunk all the myths associated with SEO.

  • Some people feel that SEO is very difficult to comprehend and there is a lot that needs to be taken care of when one is doing this. However, believe me if I can understand about website optimization then everyone else can. One doesn't have to master the subject and get into the nitty gritties. As long as you are able to understand the core you are good to go.
  • Another misconception that the SEO Company Delhi wants dissuade is that it takes some time for the optimization task to show its impact. It cannot be an instant hit, as some people believe.
  • Moreover as against the thoughts of many people, website optimization does not take very long. It is just that one has to have different approach while creating the website which is search engine friendly.
  • Some people also feel that it is too cumbersome to optimize entire site. However that is not true one should consider each page in the website as the doorstep to the customer. Therefore should take one page at a time to review the content & to make the content search engine friendly. One can also select the most popular pages first to work on and then proceed subsequently.

All said and done if a site has all the information and the user is not able to access it (due to various attributes), it is worthless. In this scenario Search Engine Optimization comes handy, & Dns Digital info services P.LTD, affordable seo company of Delhi (INDIA) tries to fulfill this for all its clients.

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